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About this Project

Various construction projects have been completed for Von Roll USA using the Design Build format.  These projects have included a 3240 square foot addition to the shipping and receiving building (Project 1), the construction of a 2000 square foot quality control material testing laboratory (Project 2) and two  additions to the Liquid Processing facility totaling 8500 square feet as well as the renovation of an existing 2048 square foot materials receiving area (project 3).


  • Creation of a 3 hour fire separation between new and old buildings (Project 3)
  • Explosion proofing of all HVAC and electric work (Project 3)
  • Construction of a fire suppression system and 60,000 gallon water retention tank (Project 3)
  • Relocation of an 8” service fire sprinkler supply line and a the plants main natural gas supply line  (Project 1)
  • Installation of a sprinkler system to accommodate Class 1 Division 1 high hazardous materials (Project 2)
  • Construction of pre-engineered buildings (Projects 1, 2 and 3)
  • Construction of 3 offices, mens and womens bathrooms and kitchenette ( Project 2)
  • Extensive reworking of site drainage infrastructure (Project 1)
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